Englewood Community Development Corporation was formed in 1996 as an outgrowth of Englewood Christian Church–a neighborhood church that has been in the same location on Rural Street since 1895. Located on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, Englewood CDC focuses its work primarily within the Englewood Neighborhood, one of 20 small neighborhoods which collectively make up the Near Eastside.

Englewood CDC strives to nurture and embody “love of neighbor” in four focus areas:

1. Affordable Housing
2. Economic Development
3. Englewood Review of Books
4. Quality of Life

ECDC’s unique mission and structure reflects participation and responsibilities relative to four other plans that inform our ongoing strategic plan and the fulfillment of our mission and vision. These four plans, of which ECDC has had a lead role in both developing and ongoing implementation, include:

1. Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan
2. Englewood Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
3. East Washington Street Vision Plan
4. ReEnergize East Washington Street

Additionally, Englewood CDC works collaboratively with other neighborhood, city, and civic organizations.