Nature Playspace and Community Garden














The Englewood Nature Playspace and Gardens is a beloved neighborhood asset, created over the last 15 years by and for neighbors, and in particular early childhood learners. We built 20 raised beds and began to learn how to grow food. Today it has expanded over three vacant lots, and is developed as an outdoor classroom Nature Playspace, serving Daystar Childcare every day of the week. The entire space is a place where children can play, create, explore and engage in a completely natural environment. It is a respite from the concrete and asphalt that dominates our neighborhood, and the only public greenspace in walking distance. Currently the space contains:

  • Dozens of trees, including fruit trees
  • Hundreds of native grasses and flowers
  • Twelve raised garden beds
  • A large sandbox
  • Picnic Shelter with patio
  • Climbing areas with big logs and boulders
  • Rolling hill area with rock path and pondless waterfall
  • Murals
  • Garden shed and Compost bins
  • Water and electricity on site

This Nature Playspace and Community Garden is open to the community for gatherings, meetings, and play. To reserve the shelter, call Englewood Church at 639.1541.

There are also two bee hives on the roof of the Englewood Church building; these hives are maintained understanding that it’s through small hobby bee growers that the honey bee population will continue to thrive. With all that currently threatens bees, we see it as good stewardship to care for bees. And besides, we really like the honey!

2015-04-29 11.16.51 PreK From Above