Education Goals

Provide education opportunities for vulnerable youth

  • Connect high school dropouts or adults with partners that provide job-skills and training opportunity
  • Connect local vulnerable and homeless youth to Outreach Inc. to connect them to education and jobs
  • Engage troubled youth with outside of school programs, such as local kickboxing programs
  • Support The Crossing to have contracts with IPS as it does with other school districts

Convene an Early Childhood Taskforce to increase high-quality early childhood education

  • Connect Apples to Oranges Daycare on 10th Street to United Way and other assistance operations
  • Continue to support Daystar, yet work with other areas providers in nearby locations
  • Support Westminster in their pre-K efforts on 10th Street

Connect adults to education and job training options in the community

  • Connect local residents to adult educational programs at Westminster Family Center
  • Provide certifications programs locally by working with the Boner Center’s Career Opportunity Center
  • Provide cross-generational programming
  • Provide non-traditional education offerings, such as job searches, at the East Washington branch library

Pursue opportunities with higher education providers and local partners

  • Connect residents to Martin University as they seek to enroll more students on the near Eastside
  • Connect residents to opportunities at Ivy Tech as they expand and redevelop their existing automotive center on Washington Street
  • Enhance the existing East Washington branch library with additional space for educational programming
  • Work with Purdue University and their extension programs on a makers space program or providing a technical high school at PR Mallory

Develop a local, neighborhood school and excellent K-8 education resources

  • Assist Westminster in their planning study circle with TEAR as a starting point for school involvement
  • Consider parents as teachers or home-based services to expand participation and qualify for assistance
  • Develop a list of existing after-school programs in the area to provide to families
  • Encourage programs that incorporate the community’s unique qualities
  • Seek funding and training for TEAR and Englewood neighborhoods to better engage with schools
  • Work with IPS as they consider converting school 15 to an “innovation” school