Livability Goals:

Making walking, biking, and transit the preferred option here

  • Develop Washington and Rural Streets as destination streets by providing more generous sidewalks, slowing cars, and reducing sound pollution.
  • Convert one-way streets to two-way near commercial nodes.
  • Make upgrades assets to the #8 Line, to act more like the Future Blue Line.
  • Connect to existing and proposed bicycle routes, particularly along Rural Street.
  • Replace and repair deteriorated neighborhood streets and sidewalks (Oakland, Gray, etc.)

Provide public spaces that are unique, lively, and authentic

  • Prioritize uniqueness and creativity (Community Garden and Commonwealth rooftop).
  • Use creative methods to display the history of the neighborhood, such as using patents developed at PR Mallory as branding and public art.
  • Use socially-engaging art projects as part of redevelopment projects.
  • Redevelop unique buildings and focus on iconic features like the PR Mallory smokestack.
  • Create outdoor gathering places that encourage longer stays by more people near Tlaolli and Pia Urban Market and Cafe, Artie’s on the Go, and the future PR Mallory Quad.
  • Develop spaces that appeal to all-ages and ethnicities.
  • Continue to help neighbors take the lead on the neighborhood vision to maintain ownership.
  • Hold social and volunteer gatherings, such as Better Blocks, Block Parties, Community Meals, etc.

Expand existing and develop new recreation opportunities

  • Expand participation in the existing rooftop hockey league.
  • Increase participation in the East Side Striders running club
  • Expand the use of the Commonwealth gym for basketball, volleyball, etc…
  • Provide passive recreation for seniors, such as measured walking loops, bocce, etc…

Provide crime prevention education and safety efforts

  • Develop a safety team to focus (initially) on commercial locations within the study area.
  • Move the area between Washington Street and the rail line into IMPD’s East District.
  • Utilize a data-driven approach for safety with a 6-month recurring update process for data with IMPD and others.
  • Increase education on crime prevention to neighbors.
  • Educate about the difference between “crime” and “danger”.

Create opportunities to improve public health and sustainability

  • Provide healthy food by developing a farmer’s market at the proposed PR Mallory Quad space.
  • Increase access to quality local health care by providing a community health facility in walking distance.
  • Promote healthy and sustainable models for restaurants (such as Tlaolli, Pia Urban Market and Cafe, and Artie’s on the Go).
  • Promote clean and sustainable energy production and use by residents/businesses.


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