Opportunity Goals

Focus on dense and compact, mixed-use, walkable development

  • Continue to pursue site control of key buildings and parcels for mixed-use redevelopment along Washington Street
  • Develop vertical mixed-use buildings with groundfloor commercial spaces around the PR Mallory Quad
  • Incent development that is at least 3 stories for new construction around the PR Mallory Quad
  • Provide walkable access to local jobs for people who live in the neighborhood
  • Redevelop the historic PR Mallory building and recruit a dynamic user or multiple users
  • Work with existing owners to encourage reinvestment or fa├žade improvements

Assist entrepreneurs and small business owners to invest in this place

  • Connect businesses to government contracts by providing “procurement technical assistance”
  • Connect entrepreneurs to business mentoring services, such as LISC 101, the Indy Chamber, and others
  • Create a commercial and industrial loan fund
  • Develop spaces for entrepreneurs to cluster and share resources, and incent “showrooms” to display products
  • Minimize barriers to entry for small businesses welcomed by the community

Increase employment density and encourage larger businesses with employment opportunity to locate here

  • Focus on businesses that offer a wide array of jobs, where low-skilled labor has access to employment
  • Reutilize existing older, industrial building stock, which is unique from suburban environments
  • Recruit new manufacturing and other businesses with large footprints to spaces along the rail corridor

Promote food production as economic development

  • Continue to pursue progressive urban farming activities
  • Incentivize food and beverage, retail, the arts to locate on Washington Street with outdoor seating
  • Work with fast food chains as they redevelop to encourage more urban building footprints and improve