Vitality Goals

Increase local control in areas of concentrated vacant properties

  • Enlist NEAR’s leadership in targeted single-family development west of Rural Street
  • Develop a property acquisition fund
  • Develop interim uses for vacant doubles (and singles), such as artist studio or gallery space
  • Direct properties to owner occupants, local residents for rental, or to CDC
  • Englewood will focus on less-targeted development east of Rural Street
  • Focus on acquiring property that is vacant, or available
  • Focus on blocks and segment of blocks with large concentrations of doubles
  • Identify clusters of vacant properties that could be used for multi-family housing
  • Utilize the city’s developing TOD land acquisition fund

Value and retain existing residents with homeowner and rental repair funds and programs

  • Develop a rental repair program requiring matching funds that encourages investment in exterior improvements (while meeting design and quality standards)
  • Develop an “opt-in” rental or home payment assistance fund
  • Incent the conversion of rental to home ownership that may include guarantees of assistance
  • Leverage work with volunteer groups
  • Provide homeowner repair funds to existing homeowners, addressing fa├žade improvements
  • Use a broad range of sources including CDBG, FHIBI funds, and other public and private funds

Welcome all people by providing a variety of housing types and financing mechanisms

  • Consider open-floor plans and other modern desires for new single-family construction
  • Develop multi-family options to meet demand
  • Provide options for all income levels
  • Provide options for seniors, to age in their homes with the potential of property tax relief
  • Provide options that are either accessible or visitable
  • Pursue new, alternative housing types and advocate for zoning standards

Develop a robust homesteading program

  • Provide financing for initial property acquisition along with repair funds grants/ loans
  • Combine this program with a strategic acquisition fund for distressed or low value homes
  • Some of these homes will be sold to homesteaders while others will be rehabbed