Opportunities for Creative Placemaking!

Have an idea for the neighborhood?

Creative placemaking is people coming together to make positive physical, economic, and social impacts in their neighborhood through art, culture, and creativity. We are soliciting proposals from any creative practices that contribute to the cultural identity of the Near Eastside Great Place: art installations, craft-based projects, music, performances, culinary achievements, special events, etc! Successful projects will connect people together with the distinct place, history, stories, or culture of the Near Eastside Great Place.  More information here







Great Places 2020 is a collective impact effort to transform strategic Indianapolis neighborhoods into walkable town centers of culture, commerce, and community in conjunction with Indianapolis’s bicentennial in 2020. Three neighborhoods have been identified as these target areas, including the ¼ mile neighborhood centered around East Washington and Oxford Streets. Investments in livability, opportunity, vitality, and education build on existing neighborhood momentum with a vision for vibrant, mixed-use neighborhoods welcoming residents and visitors alike.

Great Places